ConnectLab is a global team who have been working together to create innovative and unique products for over a decade.
That collaboration has produced over 100 projects for worldwide carriers and operators, a history of success
that shows a proven expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing cellular-connected products.

A Global team

With successful projects across the world, we deliver on the global stage

Based in Milan and Shenzhen

At the thriving heart of technology today in two continents

Track Record

Building on success to create a new range of products

ConnectLab was Born Digital becoming

More Focused

Developing innovative Mobile IoT products

More Brilliant

Setting up a Europe-based R&D team specialized in Cloud Services, UX/UI and App Development

More Open

Working as a LAB making real customers ideas

ConnectLab with DOTS is building on a reputation for outstanding performance through a comprehensive range of products and services. With a wealth of skill and knowledge within the team, we connect expertise to deliver innovation, integrating our combined experience into ground-breaking products. Our team bring technology to life, including:

Innovative solutions

Our innovative Mobile IoT products can change lives, transform ownership experiences and empower individuality. Through the IoT, advanced apps and unique use of technology, we bring control, confidence and a worry-free existence to our users.

Engaging UX/UI

For any technology today, the user experience is key. No matter the usefulness of the idea, the innovation within the tech, it is the way a user feels when interacting with a product that makes it special. With fast iteration, extensive testing processes and comprehensive support, we can help you create the perfect UX for any project.

Cloud services

From SaaS to offsite data storage, we offer specialized cloud services that deliver outstanding performance and seamless integration for any project. With custom app access and reporting as needed, cloud-based computing offers scalable, affordable solutions for bespoke project needs.